Page builders VS Custom CSS

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Legos vs 3D printer

These is probably the most accurate analogy for website designing methods.

Page builders are like legos, there is so only much you can do with But there is end point to the what you can achieve with page builders. Like animation, complex overlapping designs.

I am in no way saying page builders are bad, I am saying they are limited.

For small business and startups, we recommend to use Page builder for the website development. As page builder is faster to implement compare to custom CSS. Because of fast turn-around, these becomes cheaper then the other option, which is priority when you are just starting the business.

We work with lot of small and startup businesses, Here is what we have achieved for them using page builder at a very competitive price.

While with custom CSS you can do anything that one can imagine. You are only limited by your vision and coding skills.

Custom CSS provide freedom of having open canvas and that is the reason why these is suitable for companies with bigger budget and more importantly longer time availability.

To create the best possible design that matches your ideology, vision and company image, you should follow the best design practices and procedures.

Step 1 : Mock up design

On this stage, you want to create the basic outline of the page. What element you want to include, where and what information will be on the page.

This will help you not only in design also in the content writing as well. Because you would already know what you need content wise, which will make the procedure lot more smoother.

Step 2 : PSD design

This is the stage where you take your mock up and have complete design in Photoshop. These will give you a proper idea of what the website will look like. Because colours and right dimension, PSD are better replica of the website than mock ups.

Step 3 : PSD to HTML.

Finally your idea is now functioning website template. Once PSD is converted to HTML. These is the technical birth of the website. You can now add animation, basic page interlinking and other functionalities using HTML/CSS.

This is the end of the design cycle, now you can feature to the website based on your business.

We have worked on hundreds of projects to provide website design services, If you want a unique website for your brand, let’s talk your vision, ideas and how how we can help implement the vision.

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