How to select website design [in 2019]

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So, you want to design your website (Welcome to 2019!) or redesign your website to better serve your users. With time, website designs have evolved and got better as well. Here are few things you should consider before redesigning your website,

Clutter Free:

Website should have minimum content, especially on non-blog pages like, homepage, contact page. you can divide the content in the small parts and display in a way that it is easier and faster to read. Image should also be kept minimum and should use colours that go with the rest of the website.

Mobile friendly:

Oxygen!! It is as important for website to be mobile friendly as it is for human to breath. Everyone uses mobile phone and numbers are only gonna go up, PERIOD. The website should be friendly for all the major devices. We advice using at least 4 variation, Desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet. All the elements of the website should be mobile friendly, elements like, Popups, Images, header, footer and plugins like chat box etc.

Conversation optimisation:

You can have greatest design in the world but if it doesn’t sell, It don’t matter. So keeping this in mind while is very important. Landing pages, Pop-ups and forms should be design to sell. Landing page is the first impression of the website. If it is not good then you are leaving lot of money table.

Contact details easily visible:

Your website is basically your digital location. When the visitor wants to contact you he should have all the details he/she needs to do so. Like phone number, email id, address. Contact details can be put in footer or in the sticky menu at top. You can also use google maps to show the exact location on the map.

Branding should be professional:

Your brand is who you are. It is true for all the marketing mediums including digital. your website should clearly outline your companies massage. You should try to match the colour combination of the website to other marketing material as well. You must have copyright statement in the footer along with social link to show your availibilty on all the platform.

Design should be simple and unique:

Design should be kept simple and you should avoid using unnecessary elements and animation. You may think your website is cool but you might be making it very slow. By no means I am saying that you shouldn’t use animation. You should but maintain a health level and don’t go overboard with this.

Products and services should be showcased well:

This is the main goal, RIGHT? To sell. Users must know what you services and products, you are offering. You can use platforms like crazy-egg to determine where to place the products and services for most ROI. Sidebar is really great place to display the product at.

Quick Site load time:

Website is your reflection and it should be fast. This is very basic yet probably the most overseen part of website design, Owners shouldn’t be concern about looks so much that it affect the load speed. You can use tools like google page speed to check the website’s speed rating on various platforms. 85 is good score.


Content is the KING, You and I both know this. Have at least basic idea of what kind of content you want to display on the website so you can design according. Type of content meaning, text, images, videos, graphs, info-graphs etc.

How GoldenGate can help you in the website design?

Our team have worked on hundreds of website design project over the years in the industry, Check out our portfolio to see best of them. Our website design philosophy is highly integrated with ROI. Our rule is If it doesn’t sell, it don’t matter.

If you have any website design/development requirement, Feel free to mail at or fill out the contact form and our executive will be in contact soon.