Irvine Skin (OC Medderm), Dermatology clinic, owned and operated by a reputed doctor with extensive experience. They are providing wide range of treatment related to skin problems.
Irvine skin had good reputation in local community and good loyal client base. But they almost had no digital presence.

Brief :

When they approached us they wanted to get started with improving their digital presence. After doing lot of research based on their industry and current system, we had enough data to get started.

Goal :

  • Make website more user-friendly
  • Increase the traffic and sustain it for long period
  • Generate Leads from the websites
  • Develop a digital brand of the clinic

Findings from analysis :

Good :

  • Good content on the website : Content was not very SEO friendly but it was very user centric and provided good value to the readers
  • The clinic and owner both, had good reputation in the industry and local community.

Bad :

  • Website design had lot of design issue. It made website look very outdated and very slow. So it was bad for user experience and SEO, both.
  • Traffic was very low, Because they weren’t actively working on digital marketing, website had very low traffic.

Strategy :

First, We had to improve the website and make it faster, more user friendly and SEO friendly. So we upgraded the website. The website is on, WordPress CMS. It makes it easier to make changes and is easier to use by our client to add new articles and offers.

While redesigning the website, One of our major focus was on conversation optimization. And that’s why added strategic call to action on pages along with live chat box for good customer experience and up-sell.

We also installed HTTPS to the website which made users feel secure, It also helped with website ranking in google.

Second, We tried to utilize the information we had gathered from analysis. And We started social media marketing using they very user-friendly content.

While, We were doing the above steps we were also creating our On-page and Off-page website. And Once the website was updated we started the work on that.

Link Building was the main focus because we were thinking long term and wanted to increase the domain authority of the website.

Along with that, For local SEO we utilised the directory like Yelp, Yell and Yellow page. And make those profile more SEO friendly as well.

Results :

After the new website design was live and our social media marketing started. It did not took long to start seeing result.

First month we only got couple of leads, few hundred visitors from the website. After six months, Now we average at least 30-35 leads and 5000 visitors per month.

Website now have 4,000 backlinks and lot of those comes from high authority website. Our own website’s domain authority is at now 37 and steadily increase.

Lot of our pages rank number #1 in google which are listed below. But the biggest game changer was that now our website rank on page #1 for keyword “Best dermatologist in irvine”.



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Just as we have done for “Irvine skin”, We can transform your digital presence. Let’s have a NO OBLIGATION, FREE CALL at your convenient time to show you how we can help you to increase revenue and sales with digital marketing.