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Established 2013 in, with the motto of offering best customer-oriented services, 24 *7 availability for clients for their web, application, and software needs.

  • 2015

    Working toward our goal to make a process to reach the customer to their solutions, started with Wordpress and digital marketing.

    10 years out… having made a decade of changes. Imagine living the life you want to live.

  • 2016

    Successfully created 100 + websites in the business year of 2014 -2015, and explored the real estate, healthcare industry.

    When you decide you want to have a romantic meal for two, there are many steps that you need to perform in order for that to happen.

  • 2017

    We created a hierarchy of operation, created a department to handle the specific issue for customers, like the business team, Digital marketing team, Development team and QA team.

    Get the oars in the water and start rowing. Execution is the single biggest factor in achievement.

  • 2018

    We added new technology, UI/UX design and Java development (offering enterprise solutions).

    I don’t think the deciding factor was the desire. Lots of people come here to Japan, but never quite find out how to stay.

  • 2019

    Successfully delivered 250 + projects and explored new industries such as finance, Mobile Application for on Demand services, the Restaurant industry. Started microservices-based solution and worked on Python, .Net and cloud-based architecture, to create API, cloud-based web applications.

    “Nothing changes until something moves” – this is the battle cry of author and journalist Robert Ringer. And he is absolutely correct

  • 2020

    Growing continues and adding new technology in our era, Serving industries: Healthcare, real estate, on-demand services, restaurants, Automobile, Cybersecurity, Travel, Manufacture, retail

    Once you have a clear understanding of what you want, it is critical that you engage in goal setting – specifically setting SMART goals.

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